Flipbook animation reimagined

Animation playground

We’d like to show you a new way to create hand-drawn animation. So playful you’ll think it’s a toy, but it's secretly a robust app with a reimagined UI for animators and creators.

Wonderfully musical

Taking inspiration from music creation tools, using Looom feels more like playing an instrument than operating software - exploring lines, shapes and colors through loopable time and rhythm.

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Everyone in the loop

Looom is all about looping animation with a smile. It was designed for professionals and beginners of any age, and is already being used by some influential indie animators.


ortho remote!

The ortho remote, made by our friends at teenage engineering, can be used as a wireless controller for Looom! Connecting through lag-less BLE, this lovely knob will add that tactile feel to your animated workflow.

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Fluid Time

No first frame or last. Looom’s threads are independent in length and speed, always tweakable.


Looom uses SVG as it’s native file format. Your work can be viewed in browsers and opened in desktop animation software.
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Infinite Canvas

Lets you go as deep or as far as you want thanks to a completely resolution-independent vector engine.